Just ME

Hi, VanakamSalamNameste...

I'm just another  homo sapient with  nothing better to do.. And hell yeah, I'M A FEMALE.. Trying to write things from my point of view.

About me, nothing much. I try to live my live to the fullest, not regretting about the past or the mistakes done or the decisions taken. I try to make each moment meaningful, as we don't know when will be our last day on this earth. 

1. Because I don't have anything else to do. Bored with my life (nOt ReaLLy)
2. To improve my grammar, and sharpen my writing skills.Well, been using a lot of short forms for so many years now.So, I'm planning to write in proper sentence here. 
3. Been following a few blogs for years, so they inspired me to write.
4. I want to stop complaining on my facebook wall, so when ever i feel annoyed, pissed, irritated, I'll just write it here, to "release" my anger with proper explanations.. 
5. Those above was written when I first started blogging. BUT now, I'm enjoying it and has become a part of my weekly routine.. 

You like, you read, you comment, want to advice in a proper way and correct me, I'm ready to listen.. If you want to FIRE me, call me childish or anything negative, you are not also welcomed here.



  1. Hi there thanks alot for writing a blog on the death of the Ipoh girl recently..It is the best lesson for all out there...for Girls especially who tries to be cheapmunks for money, blind love n etc shit..May Inder R.I.P

  2. Anonymous: you are welcome. and thank you for commenting.. =)